About our Club

Our club was established back in 1968, is affiliated with the Australian Sportfishing Association (ANSA) and is a member of the International Game Fish Association (IGFA). We have grown into a family orientated club committed to conservation and tagging, as well as sharing our common interest in fishing.

We have many expert anglers, both men and women, who can advise you in a wide range of fishing styles and techniques to really help you become a better angler.

Our regular meetings are a great time to meet people and learn more about angling. Club members provide recent fishing reports, and the guest speakers and topics are carefully chosen to both instruct and entertain our members and guests. Every month we have a raffle with some great prizes.

The season calendar includes social outings for you and your family, social competitions within the club and ANSA competitions held at salt and freshwater locations throughout the year.

If you would like to know more then come along to one of our meetings as a guest, or call one of our Club contacts. Meetings are held at 7.30pm on the first Thursday of each month (except January) at:

St George Masonic Club, 86 Roberts Avenue, MORTDALE

What is sport fishing?

Sportfishing is designed to be a family sport.  Its aim is to catch fish in a sporting way for maximum enjoyment.  A skilled angler can target the catch by using their knowledge of fish behaviour and the environment.  Massive repetitive catches become boring and do little to expand our fishing ability or maintain a healthy fish stock.  Sportfishing is a challenge for the novice and expert angler alike.

Angel Ring Program

Angel Rings are lifebuoys installed at popular ocean rock fishing spots across NSW.

If someone should fall into the water, they assist to keep the victim afloat and away from the rocks until help arrives or a rescue can be organised.

St George SFC is proud to maintain a number of these Angel Rings, located in the Royal National Park south of Sydney.

For more information on Angel Rings go to http://www.angelrings.com.au/

About ANSA

ANSA was formed in 1967 by a group of sportfishers in Cairns. They determined to promote sportfishing under the motto "Sport, Conservation, Integrity". There are now more than 200 ANSA clubs around Australia, who participate in annual conventions and conferences and where local knowledge is freely passed between members. ANSA is represented on every State fishing council, at Federal level and on IGFA. ANSA actively participates in scientific research, State tagging programmes, prevention of introduction of foreign species and preparing and publishing scientific papers from their own data.

Master Angler Awards

Master Angler Awards are a set of awards initiated by ANSA in recognition of individual anglers' fishing ability and achievement.


The underlying spirit of angling is that the skill of the angler is pitted against the instinct and strength of the fish and that the latter is entitled to an even chance for its life.

Club Outings

We have a full calendar of both fishing and social outings for you and your family. If you like to fish in competitions you are well catered for. During the year we arrange a couple of social competitions within the club, and you're welcome to fish in any of the ANSA competitions that are held at some great salt and fresh water locations.

You can download the latest calendar from here.